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6. 5. 2021
11:00 - 11:45

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  • Discover the most important factors to consider when building a new charging station. Deciding where to build a charging station is complex. We will help you understand what you need to consider and why. Learn how traffic volume, competitors, housing prices, grid capacity and more can influence your decision.
  • Explore results from a real case study in London. See how we performed a complex analysis of 29 location to determine the potential for new charging stations. You can download the case study after the webinar.
  • Learn how EW can help your decision making. We process over 1TB data to find insights you can use to help make smarter choices. 
  • Ask our experts your questions. We will have time for a Q & A where you can get input from our presenters

How do you choose the perfect location for an EV charging station?

What are the most important factors to consider when planning to build a new charging station or extend a current one? Attend our webinar and learn from a successful case study in London.


Petr Füzék

With an experience across the automotive and utility industries, Petr has always been focused on the topic of eMobility. Supporting its development and growth in the European markets, he works as the Head of eMobility and Alternative Fuels at EUROWAG. Petr was previously responsible for the charging infrastructure and eMobility software integration business at innogy SE. At SKODA AUTO a.s., he was in the lead of the global eMobility business development strategy.

Dominika Šubáková

Dominika focuses on product development and innovation management in the energy and mobility sectors. She has previous experience from the innovation, energy, mobility, and start-up scene across several departments at innogy, e.g Innovation Hub in Berlin and Retail business in CR, and as a project manager at Smart City Prague. Currently, she is leading products dedicated for emobilists at EUROWAG Group, e.g. EV mode in Sygic GPS and Charging Location Analysis.

Eric van Voorden, Founder & CEO LMS

Eric’s expertise ranges from international sales to trading and development. He has more than 20 years’ experience in automotive electronics, telecommunication, electric vehicle smart charging and smart city energy infrastructure. As well as CEO of Last Mile Solutions, Eric is also chairman of DOET, the Dutch Organisation for Electric Transport, and chairman of the security committee of the Dutch roaming network eViolin.

Christian Hahn, CEO Hubject

Christian finished studies in industrial engineering and management, gained experience at thyssenkrupp and Daimler AG, where he first encountered future-oriented technologies and discovered his passion for digital topics. Later on he specialised in providing consultancy services to energy providers as a manager for energy and intelligent networks at PriceWaterhouseCoopers in Berlin, where he later became an authorised officer. In Hubject Christian he started by as a Head of Business Development & Administration with responsibility off setting up Hubject’s technology and innovation strategy. In 2015, the avid electric car driver was appointed the firm’s CEO.