We will help you switch to the new Polish eToll system and keep you informed about all changes.



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The current system for toll in Poland, viaTOLL, started to transition to a new GNSS-based toll system called eToll in June 2021.

Once the new system is fully adopted on September 30, 2021, it will not be possible to pay Polish toll using the viaTOLL system. All viaBOX units must be returned and truck companies need to register for the new system.

Eurowag recommends the first option and can provide you with a reliable OBU for paying tolls in the eToll system. EVA, Eurowag’s revolutionary OBU, will help you pay toll while also providing you with a future-proof solution for your business.

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How can toll payments be made in the new system?

Payment via mobile app. Drivers can install a mobile app for paying toll. The app requires the use of mobile data to function correctly.

Payment via an accredited telematics solution. For an additional cost, drivers can pay tolls using an approved telematics solution.

Payment via an on-board unit (OBU). The device needs to be compatible and registered with the eToll system.


Drivers will have three options for paying toll in the new eToll system.

How is Polish toll changing?

How can Eurowag help?

Eurowag will register you for the new electronic toll system, keep you informed about all upcoming changes, and make the transition as easy as possible. Eurowag will provide you with EVA, a modern OBU that will help you manage toll payments in Poland and other countries across Europe.

Want to get started? Just share your contact information with us and we will take care of the rest. Register now and get a zero-stress transition to the new eToll system and exclusive service reserved for Eurowag customers.

Why register for eToll with Eurowag and order the EVA OBU?

A reliable solution. EVA has already been tested and used in multiple European countries and has received praise for its functionality, ease-of-use, and performance.

Guaranteed availability. With the new eToll system, an estimated 800,000 viaBox OBUs will need to be replaced, quickly. Don’t wait until it’s too late – claim your solution now!

Prepare for the future with EVA. EVA is a certified EETS solution, which means it can be used to pay for toll in multiple European countries. EVA can potentially replace multiple OBUs with just one, simplifying toll payments and setting up your business for future success!

No need for mobile data. The new eToll mobile application requires significant amounts of data to function properly. But EVA can provide access to the eToll system without mobile data which saves you money and hassle from additional bills.

Advantageous alternative to a phone. Using EVA for eToll instead of a smart phone provides multiple benefits. You don’t have to worry about your OBU being stolen, there are no fees for mobile data, and you never need to worry about charging your OBU. EVA is a smart alternative to using a mobile app.

More than just toll payments. EVA is not just for toll payments – it is an integrated solution for your fleet! EVA gives you access to advanced telematics features that can save you time and money, plus built-in protection against fuel card fraud.