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Why calculating your carbon footprint matters 

Make a Difference with Eurowag’s 
CO2 Calculator 



l / 100km

Carbon footprint


Values are based on Well-to-Wheels (WTW) basis in t CO2e. Calculation methodology is based on ISO 14083:2023 and GLEC methodologies.

Electricity emission factors are based on AIB data.

See your CO2 footprint, then implement your own strategies.

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Have a small footprint? Show off to your clients!

Enter your information, and we’ll do the math .

Find out your current emissions, reduce your carbon footprint, and win new clients while helping the environment.

We believe that reducing your carbon footprint is not only essential for the planet, but also for the success of your business. By embracing sustainable practices, you can attract new clients who share your values and contribute to a more sustainable future. 

Our user-friendly CO2 calculator provides an accurate and comprehensive analysis of your company's fuel-related carbon emissions. 

Let us help you make a difference for the planet and your business. Learn the size of your carbon footprint today and start reducing your emissions.

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Welcome to Eurowag’s Carbon Footprint Calculator, the tool that helps your company measure its carbon emissions and make sustainable choices for a greener future. 

At a time when climate change is a growing concern, calculating your carbon footprint has never been more important. Our calculator will give you a detailed analysis of your company's carbon emissions, which will give you insight into how much of an impact your company causes. 

Offset your CO2 footprint

Eurowag offers you the option to compensate the CO2 emissions that results from fuel consumption. The emissions can be offset by purchasing and cancelling certificates that verify the reduction realized through internationally recognized climate protection projects.

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